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Intern FAQ

1 / What makes interns qualified to provide therapeutic services?

Interns are actively and continuously honing their therapeutic craft, and while they may be green, they have the unique capability to see old problems through fresh, empathic eyes. Read on to see how they are held to the Humble Hearts standard. 

2 / How are interns supervised?

Interns attend rigorous supervision requirements upheld through their university and the Humble Hearts owner and clinician, Jimmarie Smiley. At times, interns will undergo live supervision wherein their supervisor attends a session to ensure they providing the best care possible. 

3 / Can interns accept insurance?

Interns cannot accept insurance.

4 / How much does a session with an intern cost?

Sessions with an intern cost $40, similar to many copayments. However, if financial assistance is needed, please contact Jimmarie Smiley at 913-214-2022.

General FAQ

1 / Is there a difference between counseling and therapy?

Although they are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. Counseling typically focuses on a specific issue and is considered short-term treatment. Therapy tends to be long-term treatment that covers an array of presenting problems. At Humble Hearts, we provide both counseling and therapy, long and short term, whatever suits your needs!

2 / What should I expect during the first few sessions?

The first few sessions will be spent getting comfortable with your therapist and allow them to get to know you before diving deep into your therapeutic goals. All of our therapists have their own unique approach for how they get to know their clients, which they can explain to you during the first session.

3 / How often should I schedule sessions?

This is entirely up to the discretion of you and your therapist. However, it’s highly recommended to be seen weekly during the first 6-12 weeks in order for you and your therapist to build a strong working relationship.

4 / How long should I expect to participate in therapy?

Similar to the previous question, that’s up to the discretion of you and your therapist; it depends on your therapeutic goals. At Humble Hearts, we believe that what you put into therapy, is what you’ll get out of it. Ultimately, clients have the right to terminate services at any point.

5 / How and when do I pay?

Payments will be taken automatically within the week you receive services from the card you input into your online client portal. All balances must be paid before your next session. We accept American Express, Visa, Discover, Health Savings Account, and Mastercard.

6 / What if I don’t think my therapist and I are a good fit? 

Clients have the right to choose who their therapist is. We want all of our clients to receive treatment that works best for them. If, for any reason, you are thinking about switching therapists, we encourage you to contact Jimmarie Smiley at

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